We want you to think of us first when it comes to direct mail.

Our name has become synonymous with high-quality direct mail and performance gained by working in collaboration with our clients. We are constantly looking at ways of adding value through innovation and creativity to ensure your direct marketing is successful and gives you the return you are looking for.

By working with kpm on your direct mail projects you can benefit from:

  • Experience and knowledge gained across multiple sectors
  • The most flexible and reliable service possible
  • High service levels and expertise across our entire portfolio

You will never be told that your mailing is too small, too big, or too complicated, size and complexity are not an obstacle. We achieve this by never over-committing our capacity; we accept that schedules change due to delays in ancillary items, late changes to artwork, etc. If this happens we use our reserve capacity and adjust other schedules to get back on track.

Financial Services

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Local Government

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