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The Benefits of Direct Mail Fulfilment

Mail fulfilment

The Benefits of Direct Mail Fulfilment

Marketing is all about getting noticed. How can you capture attention, and promote your services in the most memorable way? While our modern brains are automatically drawn to digital, mail is back – in a big way.

With digital noise drowning out many a marketing message, mediums with more permanence win through. Research shows that people enjoy the physical aspect of mail. We are actually more likely to act on direct mail, over and above email.

But there is a right way.

Of course, direct mail should offer a clear message; be well-targeted, and on-brand. Yet, when developing a direct mail campaign you must also consider mail fulfilment.

Why You Need Direct Mail Fulfilment

Direct mail fulfilment is a key stage in the production of your campaign. It refers to the processes needed to prepare your marketing materials for delivery.

These processes may include data cleansing, and automated folding, insertion and collation. Effective campaign fulfilment will ensure that you achieve the best response rates and ROI – and of course a smooth mailing process.

The beauty of using a direct mail and fulfilment house is that we will take care of campaign production for you. So once the printing is done and dusted, you also don’t need to worry about managing your mailing lists, navigating personalisation software, or sending out the finished product.

It’s all done for you with specialist skills, professional equipment, and industry know-how. We can even manage responses and follow-ups. It’s this personal touch that makes mail so memorable.

Brochures, catalogues, letters, leaflets, magazines, promotional items

Marketing items for fulfilment.

But could you keep mail marketing in-house? Remember, there are many benefits of outsourcing to a professional.

7 Reasons to Outsource Mail Fulfilment

  • Personalisation: The benefit of using a Pro is the increased likelihood of your campaign reaching the right recipients – both physically, and through careful design and messaging. It’s not surprising that people are more likely to respond in a positive way to marketing communications with their details on, than generic and impersonal ones. If you want to grab attention, personalised mail is where it’s at.
  • Cost Savings: You might think that trusting your campaign to a professional printer will be expensive, but bulk rates and reduced postage costs make direct mail fulfilment cost-effective. Plus, a reliable partner will always work to your budget. And when you factor in the time you save as a company and the money in extra resource (not to mention the heightened success of the campaign in question), the benefits are clear.
  • Creativity: If you want to stand-out, direct mail fulfilment is jam-packed with possibilities. A professional print service knows what works with which audiences, and can tell you on the best way to grab attention and get results. So instead of plain leaflets, why not consider cut-outs, creative colour play, foldouts, and a whole range of fancy finishes.
  • Integrated Marketing: Multichannel marketing works. Together, print and digital can provide your customers with a seamless brand experience: offering them a little piece of permanence (print), with the convenience of tech (your website, app and email offerings). Through direct mail fulfilment, you can distribute personalised, high-quality communications that set the tone for future brand dealings.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Print marketing is greener than you think. In the hands of a professional print company, who will produce, use and dispose of paper correctly, you’re dealing with an inherently sustainable material. Plus, if you give us ‘clean data’ (that’s GDPR compliant), this helps to reduce the volume of printing it takes to reach your target audience.
  • GDPR Exempt: While GDPR compliant data can help to reduce printing volumes, direct mail marketing is a great way to contact potential customers without obtaining opt-ins. While people can request that you remove them from your mailing list, you don’t need permission to send them mail in the first instance. Email is subject to far stricter regulations since the introduction of GDPR, so it’s an ace in the hole for postal marketing.
  • Industry Expertise: When you use a professional print company you benefit from expert account management and bags of industry advice. We can advise you on everything from your initial concept and estimates, to mailing production and response handling. And at the end of the project, you receive feedback and analysis for future campaigns.

How we can help

We have a solid reputation for delivering valuable results for our clients. Our name is synonymous with professional direct mail and document fulfilment.

To find out more about how our direct mail fulfilment services can help you, get in touch today.

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