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Direct Mail brings a highly personalised, sensory and sales-driven dimension to your marketing activity.

Whether it’s hearing that satisfying thud of your favourite fashion brand’s catalogue as it lands on your doormat – or just the tactile thrill of browsing through its pages as you curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea – it’s not hard to recognise the unique value of direct mail to retail, E-commerce and mail order businesses.

Anyone will tell you that the digital marketing environment has become super saturated. In fact, just take a look at your own email inbox and spam folder if you ever had any doubts. So now is the perfect time for you to follow the trend set by E-commerce brands everywhere and make direct mail an essential part of your marketing mix – if you haven’t already. 


It pays to add Direct Mail to your marketing mix

Direct mail gives your brand cut-through and really gets seen an engaged with by the recipient. It drives sales with a call to action to go online, complete and send an order card or simply pick up the phone and buy. Catalogues also give you more space to show more products, which catch the eye and generally see customers spend more than they usually would online.

Offer codes help you measure and track performance and you can ‘matchback’ the names and addresses of people you’ve mailed to purchases they’ve made via your website during a specific campaign period.

Then there’s the afterglow of enhanced lifetime value that will see your customers become loyal, repeat buyers because you’ve taken the time and care to communicate with them through the power of personalised post.


If you have an introduction letter, special offer, personalised postcard or catalogue mailing that you’d like to either send out right now or have our expert in-house team design, write and create for you, please get in touch.

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