Financial Services

kpm has over 18 years experience of providing print and mail to the financial services industry.

We have unrivalled project management experience in both investor and shareholder communications (including Report & Account projects and Merger & Acquisition deals). In addition, our knowledge of regulated market timings and legal requirements, combined with our smooth process, ensures that you can trust us to deliver. We offer:

  • Experience dealing with all main registrars for data handling, processing and output
  • Out of hours production and management for mailings with tight project deadlines
  • 24 hour/7 day project management team

Our secret is a tailored, flexible approach that doesn’t try to mould the job to an off-the-shelf system. We understand that when it comes to Shareholder Communications, Fund Statements, Insurance Policies, or Pension Reviews, adaptability remains the most important factor when providing a solution that works for you.

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