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1m copies in 5 working days? No problem!

We work with a huge range of businesses and charities across various sectors. We deliver everything from data services to print management and fulfilment and pride ourselves on finding solutions to challenging projects.

Sometimes we work in partnership with other print providers to make this happen. In this blog, we discuss the collaboration between KPM Group, Reach Printing Services and the Al-Khair Foundation – a leading faith-based UK charity.

Reach Printing Services are the manufacturing arm to Reach PLC, the largest news publisher in the UK. They print market leading titles including the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and OK! Magazine. They are also the largest third-party contract printer in the UK, offering print and distribution from 1,000 copies to millions.

The project

We were delighted to be presented with the challenge and opportunity to assist the Al-Khair Foundation. They required a time-sensitive print management solution and logistic capability to deliver around 1 million copies of their 24pp tabloid newspapers, during a pandemic, and in only five working days! Steve Morton, Sales Director at KPM Group, knew he could rely on Reach Printing Services to partner with the support and delivery of the project.

Working closely with Andy Jones and the Reach team at their Watford Print Site, and with a limited time frame, the project was printed and delivered on time and in full.

“This job was a pleasure to work on, from start to finish. Steve Morton and Guy Mulley are excellent communicators, who understand what it takes to make a large-scale print and distribution job work. Despite tight deadlines, our Watford production and distribution teams had very clear briefs.

We were able to plan print and delivery schedules that ensured almost 1 million copies went off site for despatch all over the country as soon as they were printed and palletised! In short, my liaison job was made easy by very professional teams on both sides.”

Andy Jones, Business Development Executive at Reach Printing Services

Steve Morton adds: “Online media is often talked up as the possible future of communication. However, marketers, advertisers and fundraisers should never overlook the power of newspaper print media – even during the digital age.

When it comes to reading articles, informative news and features, many prefer a tangible and physical product. It’s fair to say that print and digital will co-exist together, seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.”

Printing Al-Khair Newspaper

The charity

Al-Khair Foundation is a leading faith-based UK charity that provides emergency relief and developmental support in some of the world’s most impoverished areas. Established in 2003, Al-Khair Foundation began as a school and has steadily grown into one of the most successful Muslim charities in the UK.

Below is a Q&A session with Imran Nissar of the Al-Khair Foundation:

  1. Why did you choose print to get your message out?

We have been printing newspapers for Ramadan or for emergencies since 2012, and we are the only Islamic charity that uses this format to get our message across to the general public. In addition to using distributors to deliver our papers to specified postcodes door to door, we previously used to distribute outside mosques, busy high streets and other gatherings.   

  1. What was your main message?

Our main message was to let our readers and donors know about the projects and programmes we have delivered on their behalf globally, using their donations over the past year, and how the needy and our beneficiaries have benefited from our work. In addition, we are highlighting the projects and programmes we are focusing on for the month of Ramadan and for the coming year, so our donors can again contribute and make a difference in people’s lives in this blessed month.  

  1. Who were you aiming your message at?

Our main focus was the Muslim community around the UK – in addition to the non-Muslim community – who would be able to see the varied projects we provide within the large number of countries we work in, helping people of all nationalities and religions.

  1. How did you achieve this? What was involved?

This was achieved by identifying areas and postcodes where the Muslim community was most represented, and targeting those areas using distribution companies and our own UK branches. 

  1. What are the benefits of print in a campaign like this?

We were able to target households, which we may not have otherwise reached, through mailshots, emails, text messages or through our TV Channel viewership.  

  1. How was your experience working with KPM Group?

I am happy we decided to go with Steve and KPM, as he provided all the support and back-up we required in order to meet our printing deadline. Even though we were late in providing the final proof, Steve’s team still delivered on time.

  1. What are your thoughts on the future of print and newspapers?

We will continue to print our Ramadan edition next year and hope the pandemic will have much less impact on our lives next Ramadan. For example, we hope to have even wider distribution using our branches. This year, we were unable to utilise our network of branch volunteers for obvious reasons.

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