Your Guide to Triggered Mail and How to Use It

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In today’s super-competitive digital world, businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to engage with prospective customers and consumers alike. One of the most effective strategies – and one that’s increasingly in popularity – is triggered mail.

Triggered mail refers to the automated, personalised direct mail that’s sent to customers or prospects based on specific triggers. In this blog, we’ll cover what it is, highlight its benefits, and provide insights into when to use this incredibly powerful marketing tool.

What is Triggered Mail, and When Should You Use It?

Triggered mail is a targeted and automated marketing strategy that leverages customer data and behaviour to deliver relevant and timely physical mail to recipients. Put simply, triggered mail is how you take your print campaigns to the next level – with stand-out results. And just like other forms of mail, it’s all about personalisation!

This method uses ‘triggers’ or specific events to initiate mailings – such as online interactions, purchases, or subscription renewals. For example, a triggered mail campaign might send a personalised thank-you card to a customer immediately after they make a purchase on your e-commerce website.

You might also decide to use this method for:

  • Welcome and Onboarding: Send a personalised welcome package to new customers or subscribers, introducing them to your products or services. This acts as a great intro to your brand!
  • Abandoned Carts: When a customer abandons their online shopping cart, use triggered mail to send a reminder of what they’re missing out on, or offer up time-sensitive incentives for them to complete their purchase.
  • Transaction Confirmations: After a customer makes a purchase or subscribes to a service, it’s always good to follow up with a confirmation mail that includes details of the transaction.
  • Special Occasions: Celebrate your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestones with personalised offers or greetings. This really helps you to establish a connection with your audience, as they’ll start to feel more valued.
  • Re-engagement: If customers haven’t interacted with your business for a while, use triggered mail to re-engage them with exclusive offers or updates. This shows how much you value their business.
  • Feedback and Surveys: Send surveys or request feedback after specific interactions to gather valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Renewals and Upgrades: For subscription-based businesses, you can use triggered mail to remind customers of upcoming renewals, or to offer upgrades to their current plans.

But why should you be using triggered mail at all?

5 Business Benefits of Using Triggered Mail

Triggered mail allows you to achieve one-to-one conversations, at scale. From improved customer retention to multi-channel integration, look at some of the business benefits below:

  1. Personalisation and Relevance: Triggered mail allows you to create highly personalised content based on customer preferences and behaviours. This personal touch improves the customer experience, leading to better engagement and loyalty.
  2. Increased Conversion Rates: By sending targeted and timely mail, businesses can capitalise on those moments when customers are most likely to make a purchase. This can lead to higher conversion rates, improving sales and revenue.
  3. Improved Customer Retention: Triggered mail is an effective way to nurture customer relationships. Sending thank-you notes, special offers, or renewal reminders can keep customers engaged and encourage them to continue doing business with you.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Triggered mail campaigns provide valuable data on customer interactions and responses. This data can be analysed to refine marketing strategies and make informed decisions about future campaigns.
  5. Multichannel Integration: Combining triggered mail with other marketing channels, such as email or social media, creates a cohesive and integrated customer experience – boosting the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Plus, with Christmas on the horizon, you can leverage the effortless automation of triggered mail to maximise impact and minimise time spent on marketing. Because the mail is sent immediately after an action is taken, customers are more likely to read it – increasing ROI and response rates. You can also use triggered mail to turn short-term Christmas customers into long-term consumers – extending that all-important customer lifetime value (CLV). 

Triggered mail is a targeted and automated marketing strategy that leverages customer data and behaviour to deliver relevant and timely physical mail to recipients.
Put simply, triggered mail is how you take your direct mail and print campaigns to the next level – with stand-out results.

Why Personalisation Matters

Tailoring your messaging to the unique needs and preferences of your customers helps you to not only capture their attention, but also build trust and enhance engagement – which, as we know, is the key to building long-lasting customer relationships.

Great marketing is all about creating conversations with your ideal customers, but in an age of information overload, you can only do that by cutting through the noise and speaking directly to the person on the end of your carefully crafted communications.

Time and again, studies have consistently shown that personalised direct mail and print campaigns significantly outperform generic mailings. In fact, personalising mail can increase your response rate by 135%. When your customers receive a piece of mail that speaks directly to them, addressing their specific pain points and offering tailored solutions, they feel seen and valued.

This emotional connection drives people to act – which for you, leads to the stand-out results we talked about. But to see meaningful success, you need to work with accurate data.

Your Triggered Mail Campaigns Depend on Great Data

The success of triggered mail all depends on how good your data is. If it’s robust and fully optimised through data cleansing, you can achieve great messaging and timely triggers through simple or complex personalisation.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, our team at KPM are well known for their expertise in data security. We have the technical expertise and industry know-how to create brilliantly bespoke trigger processes – getting to the heart of your customer journey to make sure your mail hits at just the right moment. 

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