Secure printing

Secure printing

Protect your organisation with our secure printing solutions

Your firm’s reputation is only as solid as your security measures. But as well as worrying about cybersecurity and data protection, it’s essential that your printed pieces are protected too.

The proliferation of counterfeit documents is harmful to businesses from a legal, financial, and reputational perspective. Whether you’re dealing with identification, invoices, certificates, or complex statements, you understand how important it is to protect your most sensitive documents.

And that’s what secure printing is: the prevention of tampering, forgery, and counterfeiting.

The majority of organisations rely on print to support business-critical processes, meaning it can be the gateway to valuable, confidential and sensitive information.”

QuoCirca: Putting print security on the C-Level agenda

Anti-fraud printing: the lowdown

A professional print house prides itself on providing the highest levels of protection for clients. The aim is to make vulnerable documents impenetrable. But how do we do it?

  • Xerox® GlossMark® Technology: GlossMark® is invisible when viewed straight on. But as the printed page is tilted and the light hits at different angles, the glossy content is revealed. We use this to provide an extra layer of protection against document fraud for tickets, coupons and general admission passes.
  • Xerox® MicroText Mark: This effect is used to create characters that are smaller than 1 point size. When viewed by the naked eye, the text looks like small dots. The printed content can be revealed using a loupe or magnifying glass. We use this to provide additional security for invoices, coupons and other fraud-sensitive applications.
  • Xerox® Correlation Mark with Vector Pattern Technology: When viewed by the naked eye, Correlation Mark vector pattern areas appear as a box with a colour pattern. Document security comes from using multiple unique vector patterns, each with matching keys, to produce a variable resulting data. We use this to provide an extra level of authentication for lottery tickets, invitations and other documents requiring an authenticity check.
  • Xerox® Fluorescent Mark: This mark appears as a speckled, coloured box. The content is virtually impossible to decipher under normal light. But when a UV or black light is scanned over the circle, the content becomes visible. We use this to protect sensitive documents like concert tickets, wristbands, admission passes and retail promotions.
  • Xerox® Infrared Mark: To the naked eye, Infrared Mark looks like a colour patch. But when viewed with an infrared camera, static or uniquely generated variable data appears within text or imagery. We use this to provide additional security for documents like certificates, admission passes, promotions, coupons and packaging.

Other methods include watermarks, holograms, magnetic ink, serial numbers, anti-copying marks, latent images, special substrate, intaglio printing, geometric lathe work, optically variable ink, security threads, copy-evident technologies, prismatic colouration, halo, false-positive testing, fluorescent and phosphorescent dyes, embedded electronic devices, and the registration of features on both sides.

The options are endless; making a print house a worthwhile investment for print security.

Secure printing

Benefits of secure printing for your organisation

  • £585bn lost to print fraud worldwide
  • 66% of finance companies have experienced at least one print-related data breach
  • 75% of organisations have experienced check payment fraud 
  • 77% of businesses are increasing their print security spend
  • 88% of organisations are looking for ways to prevent print fraud 

Protecting vulnerable and sensitive documents is an understandably a growing concern, given the financial impact that fraudulent copies can have on businesses and their customers. But it’s not just about the immediate fiscal concern. The reputational damage to compromised companies can be profound, and long-lasting.

Companies that can’t command trust lose customers. It’s as simple as that. And when it comes to financial services, the need for stringent security measures is even more pronounced.

Because of the serious nature of print fraud, an increasing number of organisations are turning to secure printing to protect their interests. Secure (or anti-fraud) printing allows you to reduce your operational risk, meet compliance standards, protect printed information at the point of issue, safeguard your customers’ assets and personal information, manage fraud, limit risk, and ultimately, protect your business.

That’s why an encouraging 62% of organisations are using an MPS (Managed Print Service), like KPM, to gain access to print management and security skills which are often lacking in-house.

The time for complacency is over.

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