Case Study: Printed Mail Fulfilment

Printed mail fulfilment

Building a robust mail fulfilment system for multiple variants and daily processing


Our client is an award-winning Global Asset Management firm and is among the Top 50 Asset Managers worldwide. They offer a comprehensive suite of investment solutions.

The challenge

The client required a robust mail fulfilment system that would allow for multiple pack types, inserts and pack variants. Due to the complexity, it would require a bespoke system programme. It must enable kpm to take daily data feeds, and interpret print production files and packing templates in a fast and accurate manner.

There were several areas for kpm to consider when putting a solution in place:

  • Stock management of 100+ product lines
  • Print on demand or on the shelf stock storage
  • Data turnaround for same day print and mailing
  • Ability to make changes at short notice
  • Handling of documents and data from several sources

In addition, the above considerations must comply with ISO governed security and quality standards throughout the print and mailing process. 

The solution

Initially, we analysed the volumes and pack requests and the typical use of stock lines. We wrote a bespoke programme that would run an automated, twice daily sweep of the client SFTP. This would enable kpm to retrieve data and generate receipt confirmations and reconciliation reports.

Next, the programme runs an automated process to analyse the data and select and produce print files. It chooses from a library of letter templates, application forms and pack inserts for all personalised and POD components.

“The bespoke mail fulfilment system delivers. It enables us to send personalised, up-to-date communications with investors quickly and easily. Through careful analysis and bespoke programming, kpm have built a sophisticated system equipped to deliver a range of outcomes.” 

Crucially, the process includes sweeping the client website for the latest Fact Sheet PDF’s and Fund Reports. This ensures that the latest version of company documentation is printed. Furthermore, the solution had to be flexible enough to use artwork held in several locations. This enables the production of an Investor Pack that contains a personalised welcome letter, personalised forms, print on demand reports and on the shelf insert stock.

The enclosing pick lists are produced as part of the same process cycle. This enables the team to work from a concise pick list for every data request; checking through document codes and version control to pick from over 100 items on the shelf. They can, therefore, offer investors fully personalised packs, containing relevant information and the latest facts and fund performance reports.  

The outcome

In the new production cycle, we process and send all requests received at 6pm previous evening and midday that day. This equates to data processing, print production and enclosing in a 4-hour window every day with a 100% accuracy rate.

The programme links to an internal stock control system, monitoring real-time stock use at the time of daily processing. This enables us to manage the stocked print quantities and avoid high volume, expensive print runs. 


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