9 tips to maximise your direct mail ROI

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9 tips to maximise your direct mail ROI

Direct mail is as relevant as ever. The channel has been in use for over six decades, and despite predictions that it would become redundant, the reverse is true. Studies show that recipients respond to direct mail; it stands out among the noise of inboxes and social media. The channel … Read More

How direct mail can boost the retail sector

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We are continually telling consumers to go online: are we surprised that they’ve not only gone online but gone full stop? Business to consumer communications are changing, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing organisations to rethink the way they communicate with their prospective audience. But how has the legislation … Read More

The role of direct mail in digital communications strategy

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We believe that businesses should combine direct mail and email for the most effective communications strategy. Digital communication strategies have been at the forefront for an increasing number of businesses since the mid-noughties. Communication strategies are being driven by digital and systems are changing, with traditional interactions replaced by device-based … Read More